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 For Immediate Release  Contact: Jennifer Preston
 August 15, 2012  401-831-1200


Local Teachers Selected for One of the Nation's Leading Programs for Top Performing Educators 


Three New Haven teachers joined teachers from across the country in an effort to create a corps of top performing teachers to anchor high-needs schools

Chicago, IL:  Three New Haven teachers recently attended a unique program of study presented by the National Academy of Advanced Teacher Education (NAATE).  Designed to improve student achievement at high-needs schools across the country, the NAATE program brings together top-performing teachers from around the nation for an intense two-week course of study designed to make them better classroom teachers and to boost student achievement.  The program also provides participants with the essential tools required to share their expertise and skills with their colleagues outside their classrooms, and help lead improvement efforts in their schools.   Hosted in Chicago, IL, this year's program includes more than 50 teachers representing 29 schools in 13 US cities.


"NAATE is dedicated to improving student achievement in high-needs schools across the country," said Tony Klemmer the Founder and President of NAATE.  "We do this by delivering to top performing teachers like New Haven's Matt Presser, an intense program of study with equally talented peers that improves their craft, their leadership capacity and renews their commitment to teaching. Matt Presser and the other NAATE Teacher Fellows from New Haven will form a corps of teacher leaders equipped to anchor and improve low performing schools not just in their own city, but across the country." 


Participants in the NAATE program are selected by school leaders from public, charter and faith-based schools throughout the United States.   Attendees have between three and eight years of teaching experience in a middle school or high school, and they must be a top 10 percent performer at a high-needs school.   Individuals who are selected are viewed as teachers who can achieve success with all students, and are perceived as key influencers in the lives of those students and their peers.


NAATE Teacher Fellows from New Haven's High School in the Community include: 


Wayne Austin - math teacher

Desiree Bisaillon - English and reading teacher

Matt Presser, English teacher


"Teachers seldom have the chance to talk with colleagues about the profession and to think deeply and intentionally about the types of changes that would improve the work we do each day and each year," said English teacher Presser.  


"That's what makes NAATE so valuable," he added.  "Put 50 teachers in a room together and sit back and watch what happens: not only is the experience invigorating for participants, but guaranteed, there will be long-term results for students too. I can't wait to get back to my classroom and start thinking about my work the way a NAATE fellow does." 


Before the two-week classroom program in Chicago, attendees are required to have completed more than 40 hours of reading and advance work.  They also participate in several web-based learning activities throughout the school year, and attend a weekend-long program gathering during the school year.


NAATE is an initiative of The Center for Better Schools, which launched its pilot program in the summer of 2011.  Twenty-four teachers from across the nation attended the first program.  This summer more than 50 Teacher Fellows qualified for acceptance into the NAATE program.  The NAATE program delivers an intense, integrated curriculum tailored to the unique needs of experienced, high performers.  This is achieved in part through an innovative case-study approach that allows for facilitated discussions among the participating Teacher Fellows about problems of practice they face both inside and outside of their classrooms.  


 "We are seeing that the NAATE program's selectivity and design, coupled with the power of the 'peer effect' can have a profound impact on these extraordinarily talented classroom teachers, and their school communities," said Klemmer.  "We're excited about the impact these NAATE Teacher Fellows will have on their students, peers and schools as they return home."





NAATE delivers an intensive, integrated program of study prepared exclusively for experienced, high performing grade 6-12 classroom teachers.  This program is designed to improve their effectiveness in the classroom, increase their value to their schools and districts and renew their commitment to the vocation of classroom teaching.  www.naate.org


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